I grew up in Southern California, and I graduated from UCLA in 1993. I had parents who were professors of photography and art history, so the absorption and appreciation of art (however subconscious) while growing up just came with the territory.

As an adult living in Los Angeles, I indulged my creative and aesthetic impulses by working as a film & television makeup artist. On set and off, my camera was never far from my side, and I always took a lot of snapshots, but the thought of making art with my camera hadn't yet occurred to me.

In 2003, I took a road trip to Seattle, fell instantly in love with the climate and the city itself, and moved here permanently less than two months later. Something about the way the climate of the Pacific Northwest affects the deterioration of industrial materials intrigued me and inspired me to begin taking photos of my new surroundings with a much more thoughtful eye than ever before.

In the years since the move to Seattle, the urge to photograph the city has focused itself from the Big Picture to the Fairly Small, and it was that shift in perspective--and the striking images it produced--that inspired me to pursue my take on fine art photography in earnest.